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Spiritual Fitness book cover Wake Up!
Daily Lessons for a More Liberated and Loving Life
Wake Up! Is for anyone who wishes to experience greater illumination and clarity in his or her own life.

"Reading Tom Owen-Towle's book can be risky; if you read it you may actually wake up." —Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Recovery, the Sacred Art.

ISBN: 978-0-9856039-1-5
Spiritual Awakening
302 pages, softbound
Aperion Books
Cover by CenterPointe Media



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Unwrapping - Book Cover
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the Inner Gifts of Christmas
The period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day can send us into a funk. UNWRAPPING the Inner Gifts of Christmas is a guide to help us face—even embrace—the many holiday emotions (joy, sadness, compassion, and silence), so that we may be able to truly grow our souls. It is filled with hopeful stories and helpful exercises that lead to a healthier and holier life.

"Tom Owen-Towle has taken stories and songs and woven a new holiday tapestry. Each page contains the kernel for a potential meditation or sermon." —Denise Tracy, UU Minister

ISBN: 978-0-615-42748-5
Holiday Inspirational
162 pages, softbound
Flaming Chalice Press
Cover by CenterPointe Media

Wholly Joy book cover Wholly Joy
Being Happy In an Unhappy World
This set of inspirational essays explores the heart of life’s mission—finding and spreading joy wherever we’re planted on this earth. Indeed, as the Hindus remind, “only the Whole is joy.”

ISBN: 0-9715421-0-4
Inspirational Life
151 pages, softbound
Barking Rocks Press
Illustrations by Tony Sheets

  Staying Together book cover Staying Together
40 Ways to Make Your Marriage Work
Simple, usable suggestions for committed couples who want greater fun and fulfillment from their partnership. Owen-Towle draws on personal experience as well as decades of couple counseling.

ISBN: 0-931104-21-1
77 pages, softbound
Sunflower Ink
Illustrations by Millard Sheets

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